How helium miner works?

Mine Crypto with Radio
The People's Network is powered by an entirely new incentive model made possible by the Helium Blockchain.
Mining HNT is done by installing a simple device on your office window. That’s it. 

Hotspots provide miles of wireless network coverage for millions of devices around you using Helium LongFi, and you are rewarded in HNT for doing this. And because of an innovative proof-of-work model (we call it “Proof-of-Coverage”), your Hotspot only uses 5W of energy.The People’s Network creates an entirely new wireless economy that flips the traditional telecom model of building wireless infrastructure on its head.
Using a Burn-and-Mint Equilibrium token model, The People’s Network utilizes two units of exchange: HNT and Data Credits.Helium's Technology allows anyone to build out massive, cost-effective wireless infrastructures in an entirely new business model that benefits everyone.

Helium is a global, distributed network of Hotspots that create public, long-range wireless coverage for LoRaWAN-enabled IoT devices. Hotspots produce and are compensated in HNT, the native cryptocurrency of the Helium blockchain. The Helium blockchain is a new, open source, public blockchain created entirely to incentivize the creation of physical, decentralized wireless networks. Today, the Helium blockchain, and its tens of thousands of Hotspots, provide access to the largest LoRaWAN Network in the world.


In blockchain projects, various wallet applications exist to help users manage their own private keys, enabling them to sign transactions and transfer assets.

For the Helium Network, a wallet maintains ownership of Hotspots themselves, the Helium Network Tokens (HNT), and/or Data Credits (DC).

Depending on your situation, one of the wallets here may be the best fit.

App Wallet

The Helium App wallets is by far the easiest to use. It may be downloaded for iOS or Android phones and provides simple pairing and setup with Hotspots.

Generally, this wallet focuses on people who want to send or receive HNT or manage hotspots. Other activities, such as managing end-devices and OUIs (i.e. users of the network) are generally best suited for the command line wallet.

The Helium app (available for iOS and Android) includes everything you need to on-board and maintain your hotspot and view its activity.   With the app, which also is your Helium wallet, you're able to do things like:

Send and receive Helium tokens, and create Data Credits
Add your hotspot to the network and set your location
Configure your Wi-Fi
View your hotspots activity
See where other Hotspots are located
View details on blocks and Challenges

Account Tab

 The Account tab shows your wallet and account balance, Notifications, the Send and Receive options, and recent transactions. 

Hotspot Tab

The hotspot tab shows your hotspot(s).  There's a location map, the hotspots Settings section (gear icon), as well as a general health status (Online or Needs Attention).    The settings provide access to updating the location and WiFi network, as well as running the Hotspots diagnostic report if needed.

If you swipe up on the hotspot, it shows the transactions, i.e. tokens mined, Constructed a Challenge, etc. and in which block the activity occurred.

You can swipe left/right to scroll through different hotspots if you have more than one.  

Network Tab

This section gives stats and details on several aspects of the Network itself.

Hotspots: This is the overall coverage map.  You can zoom in and out to view the different hotspots (and how many) are in each area.

Consensus Groups -
View which Hotspots are actively in the Consensus Group, and view the Group for any given block.

Blocks: check the current block height, and view all of the transactions that happened in a particular block.

Challenges: This shows the last 24 hrs of recent Challenges.  Click on the person icon in the upper right to filter out just the challenges your hotspot(s) have been involved in.

Statistics - Circulating supply of HNT, average block time, and average Consensus duration

More Tab

In this section, you can configure your apps PIN settings, set the app Language, reveal the 12 security words (your private key) for your wallet, and view your current app version.  There are also access to some help articles and the community Slack channel.