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  •  12 months warranty - return the product for a prompt and courteous refund, No questions asked 
  • Pre-order available now 
  • LongAP One is a Helium “full” gateway that allows you to join the Helium IoT Network today and to participate in proof-of-coverage and consensus. It’s build on industry proven hardware to provide a reliable solution. 
  • Authorized Antennas .We advise you to use LongAP (as any other Hellium gateway) with its original antenna to comply with local regulations.

  • Specifications
  • Processor AMD GX-412TC quad core 1 GHz x64 processor
    Memory 2 GB DDR3 RAM
    LAN Intel i210AT 1 Gigabit LAN interface
    WLAN / Bluetooth Intel 7260 802.11ac interface
    WLAN / Bluetooth Connector RP-SMA Female Connector
    WLAN / Bluetooth Antenna 4.9 dBi WiFi/Bluetooth antenna
    Storage 30 GB MLC mSATA drive
    LoRa Concentrator SX1301 868 MHz (EU868) concentrator
    LoRa Connector SMA Female Connector
    LoRa Antenna 3 dBi 868 MHz SMA antenna
    Power Connection 12V 2.5mm barrel jack (center positive)
    Power Supply 24W 100-240V 12V 2A power supply
    Housing Laser-engraved aluminium housing
    Certification CE
    Included assertions Includes 1x add-gateway (40 USD) and 1x asssert-location (10 USD) credits pre-paid

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